Beauty Tips

  • Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from any oil, moisturizer or lotions before performing any hair removal technique for optimal results.

    Avoid wearing tight clothes over newly waxed areas to reduce the occurrence of irritation or ingrown hairs.

    When applying Cold Wax Strips, draw your skin tight to minimize discomfort and remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

    Rub Chamsa Cold Wax Strips in the palm of your hands for 1 minute before beginning your treatment. This will warm the product slightly making it ideal for application.

    For optimal results when using Chamsa’s full range of Cold Wax Strips, we highly suggest you perform your treatment in a warm room.

  • When removing facial hairs, heat the wax a little less than you would normally do for the rest of your body since your face is highly sensitive to these factors.

    White spots found on finger nails indicate a lack of zinc; this should be a good hint for you to add zinc rich foods to your diet such as eggs and milk.
    Protect your nails to nurture them. Chemicals found in household cleaning products are harsh on your hands and nails, wearing gloves when house cleaning or working in the garden help to preserve them.

    Always apply a base coat before your nail polish to prevent the yellowing of your nails.

    For strong nails, drink fresh carrot juice daily, which is high in calcium and phosphorus.

  • Avoid filing your nails after a shower or a bath; wet nails tend to brittle easily.

    Applying Chamsa Cold Wax Strips in a heated area will enable your body temperature to stay warm and ease the hair removal procedure.
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