GIMCO has been specialized in developing Beauty Treatments and Personal Care Products mostly derived from natural ingredients for over 35 years.


People Rely On the Quality of Our Products Chamsa and Lady Care profit from over 35 years of experience and knowhow in the depilatory and personal care products field. Over the years, we have developed trend setting concepts for products sold in both retail and professional sectors thanks to the close-knit relationships we nurture with our partners; international suppliers of raw materials, distributors and our consumers.

It’s Always Better to Check In cooperation with over 60 professionals from the beauty sector, our product portfolio is regularly sent out for testing and benchmarking to that of our competition. Continuous internal and external laboratory analysis, store check and cooperation with market research institutes, have enabled us to improve upon of product offerings year after year.
Our factory is equipped with state of the art machinery and our dedicated employees are well trained and aware of their social, environmental and ethical responsibilities.

Future Site Manufacturing output from Gimco’s actual site has grown exponentially since 2011. To meet future requirements, Gimco will be moving from its current factory to a new one built in the same region. When completed, the new factory will be approximately 3 times larger than our existing one which will thus enable us to keep replying to our growing demand all the while maintaining our high quality standards. In addition, the building itself is being designed with low energy consumption principles and shall incorporate a number of environmental best practices, to exert the lowest possible negative impact on the environment. Our environment is a central issue at Gimco. Nurturing a corporate culture of innovation, sustainability and social responsibility is key. We understand the concept of “GREEN” as we train our employees to work for the benefit of a healthier environment. We attach great importance to the social responsibility towards our staff, suppliers, environment, and, of course, people.
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