GIMCO has been specialized in developing Beauty Treatments and Personal Care Products mostly derived from natural ingredients for over 35 years.

Beauty Through Innovation

As a consumer-driven company, offering our clients innovative solutions for Personal Care and Beauty Treatments at competitive prices has always been our primary objective. Proximity with our consumers has enabled us to increase our product range, adapt our formulas and provide concrete solutions for everyday needs.

The trust our consumers devote to our brand is two-way. Our consumers trust that the products we develop are safe, efficient and are the outcome of strict quality controls. We, as a company, pledge to always provide our consumers with products resulting of the highest standards.

Prior to every product launch GIMCO ensures that our vigorous Quality Control standards cover each and every milestone in the product development stage from raw material procurement to the shipment of final products.

GIMCO is one of the very few manufacturers in the industry to have introduced 4 unique types of Hydro-Soluble waxes: Chamsa Sugar-Paste– Jar format, Chamsa Roll-On (Aloe Vera, Natural Strawberry and Natural Honey & Chamomile). GIMCO is also the only manufacturer of Lipo-Soluble waxes that follows European standards in terms of quality and equipment in the region (Chamsa Strips).
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