With over 35 years in the depilatory products industry, Chamsa has become a household name in the local and regional markets.


Chamsa is the first brand to have been launched by GIMCO. Chamsa has today become a household name in local and regional markets. Generations of women have placed their trust in our Brand and we have never failed in delivering quality and satisfaction. Our expertise, the quality of our products and our competitive pricing has positioned us as regional market leaders.

Chamsa’s constant edge on innovation and pursuit of excellence are evident in the success of the brand’s wide selection of products; each of them has met outstanding market success and a steadfast positioning. Chamsa’s line of products is constantly undergoing development rendering them even easier to use and in conformity with fast moving industry trends.

Professionals and beauticians have placed their trust in our Brand as we have kept our quality pact with our consumers, using raw material and natural ingredients, sourced from European suppliers with guaranteed superior specifications.

Chamsa’s core objective is to maintain its customers’ loyalty and never take their trust for granted, using its portfolio of products to differentiate itself from competition through the continuous delivery of superior quality products at a competitive pricing.
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